Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Weld

I don't really know who Tuesday Weld is, I just saw a colorful picture of her & immediately wanted to draw her!

Couldn't help but do the classic look-like-your-drawing pose ;)
Can't wait to get started on my next piece!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Speaking of.

One of the best smells in the world = banana bread baking in the oven. I mean, right?! I would buzz my hair off to have that smell permanently in our place - at least in the mornings. And I'd probably only buzz it once.

Speaking of "the best" -- have you ever had a Tastykake Glazed Apple Pie? 
OH MY GOODNESS. Literally. Especially that outer part... mmm. I hope I can sneak a few to heaven when I die. Or hell... wherever I end up, haha ;)

Speaking of hell - maybe I shouldn't admit this, but whatever. Every time I happen to cross paths with free-coffee-sample giveaways, I go right ahead & happily help myself to one [or two ;)]. Because MMM, it tastes so. dang. good. Guilty pleasure ;) ...although, I don't feel that guilty about it... 

Speaking of not admitting things.. is it bad that we made FIVE different batches of Rice Krispie Treats last month?! Maybe we wouldn't have if it weren't the EASIEST RECIPE IN THE WORLD TO MAKE.

Speaking of FIVE... we've had a gecko that has seriously just been sitting above our front door [on the outside] for at LEAST five weeks. 5 WEEKS!! I don't know what his motive is, but my attitude went from "OHMYGOSH, hurry & close the door!" to "Ahhh, hey Gary!!!" Welcome to the fam, man. Easiest pet ever.

Speaking of geckos... we had our first gecko-in-the-house scare... bahhh!! Fuh-reaky!! Thank goodness Nick was home & that the tiny, fast little thing just happened to make its way into the box of boxes we were going to take out to the recycling bin anyway. Yikes!

Speaking of in-the-house... one of my favorite parts of the day is exercising in the mornings in our living room, and having my biggest little cheerer get SO excited when it's time for that -- he'll throw his chubby little arms up in the air and excitedly exclaim, "EH-KUH-KIIIII!" ...and lately he's getting a kick out of the name "Bob" [my "trainer" some days, Bob Harper... his workouts are insanely good!]

Speaking of Jaden... he had to get his finger pricked the other day -- after seeing the kid before him scream his lungs out, Nick and I were bracing ourselves for a meltdown... *PRICK* ..........nothin. "Suh-weet!" we're thinking.. "Totally dodged it!" Then the nurse put a bandaid on his finger, and he got this concerned look on his face and bam.. there were the tears. Haha. Funny kid! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spicy vs. Spicy

Nick and I had a wonder one day, which turned into a debate... then a challenge:

McDonald's Spicy McChicken Sandwich vs. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich... which one is better?

Nick was sure Wendy's was... but I was convinced McDonald's was. That used to be my favorite $1 sandwich in high school -- it was the perfect amount of spice & mayo & bread, cooled down with a nice glass of water... mmm. We decided to call that dinner one night & end the debate once & for all.
And the verdict is??????

Wait -- are you wanting to discover for yourself? Do it! Go now! Or tonight! Then tell me which one you think is better.

My answer is in code below for those who want to take on the challenge & decide for themselves first.
Aka, highlight over this blank spot -->  WENDY'S FOR THE WIN... to my dismay. Thicker everything... and it didn't look as gross/processed. In my defense, McDonald's spicy chicken stands okay on its own... but I guess if there has to be a better sandwich out of the two, Wendy's takes the cake. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Is it just me, or are these lights on the verge of being considered too confusing?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Aah Bee Cuhs

Well, hey! Didn't mean to take a break from this blog [I've still been keeping up on my NicKel blog... for the most part :)], but y'know. Livin' life!

Anyway. Here are some randoms for ya..

-Nick is an INCREDIBLE Magna Doodle artist. I love playing pictionary with him. :)

-Ya know those quirky jingles you say/repeat as kids [and how you always thought that YOU were the first person to come up with it]... well, I can't help but still say/practice my favorite jingle on Nick's and Jaden's back. It goes a li'l something like this: 

"Criss-cross [draw an X], applesauce [sprinkle all your fingers around]. Up, down [draw your finger up, then down].. twinkle sound [draw a spiral]. Tight squeeze [give the tops of their shoulders a massage-like squeeze], cool breeze [blow on the neck]. Now you've got the shiveries!" 

And you really do get goosebumps.. or shiveries ;) Haha, so dumb. But I love it. And I'm pretty sure they do too. Especially since Jaden always says, "Again? Again?" :) You should try it on someone. Cyber-Dare! 

-I love how Jaden requests for me to sing the ABCs -- he says, "Aah Bee Cuh?" He knows all of his Aah-Bee-Cuhs, whether it's the actual name of the letter or how that letter sounds. I like his style.

-Kinda weird when Fall/Winter/Spring is happening for [almost] the rest of the world, and we're just in one steady, summery season. Good thing I love summer!

-Confession: sometimes I fast-forward through the scary/sad parts in chick flicks. They're chick flicks for a REASON, people. And I'm still waiting on new Rom-Coms as good/charming as they used to be [like they were in the 90s & 2000s]. Too many Sci-Fi // Dramas // Actions // Overly-Complicated shows... we need another Nora Ephron! 

-Sometimes people don't know how to pull out of a parking spot here -- they go straight back, then have to do 3-point turns [or whatever]. Normally, you start pulling straight back, then turn as soon as you're able to... right? Weirdy. 

-Jaden likes all of us to drink at the same time. He'll hold his cup, then look at me/Nick and say, "Mama? Dada?" until we stop eating and pick up our cup and drink with him. 

-I never look down when I crunch something here. 

-Does anyone else get frazzled by the LOUD, impatient automated voice at self-checkouts?? I wish there was a volume/mute button sometimes - Like, OKAY, I'll remove my item from the bagging area, let me just set this thing down and put my kid's shoe back on first. Sh-Heesh. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


I just want to redirect you to this blog post -- it's such a good reminder to live LIFE - the real thing, not just the one on the screen. I love finding people I identify with - whether it's through social media somehow or in real life. I love feeding my mind & surrounding myself with people and things that are positive, creative, funny, and happy. I just love smiling and feeling hopeful! It's what life is all about. It's funny how people you don't even know [or know that well] can influence & inspire you. I love it.

Annnnd here's an inspiring quote to leave you with for today:


Sunday, November 3, 2013

The evolution of Steve.

I feel like I've finally discovered the thing I love doing most in the world [besides spending time with the people I love, of course ;)].. DRAWING. 

It's funny, cause I've ALWAYS loved to draw -- I've probably doodled on gajillions of assignments and papers I'm taking notes on, etc... I just love it! I've only taken 2 or 3 art classes in my life, but my mama is an Artist & so is everyone else in my fam [in different ways - Mom's a sculptor, one sister watercolors & does photography, another sister paints, one brother does photography and computer animation... ETC]. I just love that I was raised in such an artistic home.

I totally believe that the more you do something, the better you can become at it. That's why I want to keep drawing -- I want to get better at it! My favorite thing to draw is definitely people [specifically: faces].. ahh! IT TOTALLY GIVES ME A HIGH. I love spending any extra time I have drawing -- it empowers me & is like an addictive drink I just can't get enough of. :) 

Anyway. This is my last drawing.. Steve Jobs! Took me about 3 nights to do [an hour or so each night :)]. 

had such a great time working on this.. ah! I can't wait to do more art!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

bursting old men.

The other day in church, we're all sitting there chatting before class began [which is... normal, right?], when all of the sudden, we're all startled by this full-on YELL of a [normally quiet] old man sitting in our class shouting, "WE'RE READY TO START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" ..............................ummm! For real?! Sheesh, man! Take a chill pill! Nick's in the Sunday School Presidency and was just about to start class when that happened... haha. GeeWIZ. 

The funny thing is, this isn't the first time something like that has happened at church in the short 3.5ish years we've been married. A couple years ago, in our first ward as a married couple, Sacrament Meeting ended - I think there was a Farewell that day or something - so everyone's just kind of standing around talking for a few minutes, when - out of the blue - we hear an older man in the choir shout, "WE'RE GOING TO SAY THE PRAYER NOW!!!!!!!!!!"                 **SHUDDER!** 

Oh my gosh, those are SUCH AWKWARD, CRINGE-WORTHY MOMENTS! I mean, I get it -- it's annoying when you're trying to start choir practice or class while there are people talking... but isn't there a better way to go about it? Is it really necessary to YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS for everyone to pipe down?! I can just imagine the insides of both of these old men during those moments... their blood boiling - like a can of soda being shaken, when all of the sudden POP! THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT FOR A SECOND LONGER AND HAVE TO FREAK OUT. Hahahahaha. Oh man. Awkward moments. Gotta love/hate 'em. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

never done vs. done


-been stuck on an elevator before. In NYC. With about 23 other people. I just remember looking up into the mirror-like ceiling & trying to make people smile or laugh... it was one of those awesome "movie moments."
-gone skinny dipping! WOO! At Girl's Camp... with Leaders.. hahaha. I loved my YW experience growing up. :)
-moved to VEGAS... for a week. Haha! Cracks me up every time I think about it.
-snuck onto a lot of roofs... in Salt Lake, New York, San Francisco... I LOVE DOING THAT! Harmless fun ;)
-played the drums with a Jamaican... in the middle of a huge crowd in NYC. CLOUD NINE. 
-gone spelunking..! Crazy experience.
-tasted snail, alligator, frog legs. Verdict: NASTY, chicken-like, Gross.
-given birth. Fear = Faced. Check!


-had deja vu. I know, right!? Lameness to the max.
-been out of the USA! I have a passport, though, so I am READY.
-gone snorkeling or scuba diving. I wouldn't mind trying snorkeling, but that scuba stuff is a big NO THANKS for me ;)
-been on a CRUISE! Now that I live in Miami [aka, cruise-central], it's officially on the MUST-DO list.
-seen Snow White. Is that the one with 7 dwarfs? ;)
-ridden a bicycle built for two. ONE DAY!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Absolutely love this quote from Conference! President Uchtdorf's done it again.. :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Some things.

 Some things about Nick 

-Nick is so funny!!! He makes me laugh everyday. I just love how he thinks & acts... I'm pretty sure he'll just say/do things sometimes because he KNOWS I'll get a kick out of it. And I do! Sheesh. True love. ;) 

-Even though he basically has a Full-Time job [school] + a Part-Time job [work], he still makes time to clean, help make dinner, go grocery shopping with me, run other errands, go on walks or outings with us... and he still gets As in his classes & on his tests! I don't know how he manages it all.  He's a smarty, that one.

-Let's talk about patience for a sec. Not only is Nick [way more] patient with Jaden than I am, but he's patient with me. He lets me shove my cold feet in his knees to warm them up. He will take Jaden-duty in the early mornings [when I'm too grumpy..], even though he doesn't have the luxury of napping later on in the day. He doesn't get easily ruffled -- I've never even heard him raise his voice. He's such a good soul!

-He's creative and open-minded. He isn't afraid to try new things and is constantly thinking of new games or party ideas or different ways to do/make things. I love his clever brain.

 Some things about Jaden 

-He is so smart!! He signs, says so many words [his clearest words are "nana" for banana and APPLE :) the kid loves his fruit, I guess ;)], and he understands even more words! He loves reading books and looking at pictures & flashcards. I'm constantly impressed with him -- pretty sure he's teaching himself a lot of these things!

-He likes to take his dirty diapers to the trash can and throw them away. Can't complain about that - saves me a step ;)

-Jaden seriously gets SO excited whenever he has a blanket on his head. He'll just start walking around all will-nill. That boy tickles my funny bone.

-He gets SO EXCITED about things -- especially little kids/babies. He'll get right up in their face and start squealing. I think it's safe to say he's pretty social ;)

-We have these flashcards [ABCs, Numbers, Animals, etc] that we look through & match with things... he LOVES the "M" one, because it has a picture of a moon. One night, we went out with the flashcard to try and find the moon, and now he wants to do that every night. His memory, I tell ya! Doesn't just let things slide. 

-He's so happy! He's ticklish & playful, smiling and laughing all the time. And boy, do I love hearing that laugh and seeing his big toothy smile. Enough to make my mama-heart melt right outta me. 

 Some things about me 
I did my best myspace face, 'cause, y'know... THOSE were the glory days. ;)
-I don't know what it is about gift baskets... but I LOVE THEM! They just seem like the cutest, classiest, most charming gift. 

-I guess I just BARELY realized that Pinterest is actually more than just "pinning" pretty pictures... like, it's USEFUL. OH, you mean I could actually try MAKING that?! Or hey - here are a million clever ideas of things to do with your toddler! All nicely pocketed away in a place that I can get to whenever I want. Cha-ching. I've always loved the creative aspect of it... and now that I've connected the dots, I love it even more! [...maybe too much.]

-I've always been able to play on my own. When I was a kid, if I reeeeally wanted to play a game & nobody else could [or wanted to], I was totally fine to just play it on my own. [At least that way I won no matter what ;)] I'm a big believer in being able to entertain yourself, since you're with yourself 24/7! 

-I think I have the worst knee reflexes ever. Nick gets to practice different things on me that he learns in school, and finding/nabbing my reflexes is one of 'em. When they finally kicked into gear & reacted, it was THE FUNNIEST THING. I couldn't stop laughing. And then it just got funnier with each whack. Oh man. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

being a mom.

Just read an article on being a new mama. It was a good one. This stuck out to me:

measure your day not as tasks, 

but as feelings, as sounds, as colors.

Right?! It's so easy to think you just haven't done anything with your day when you literally haven't DONE anything. But I just love this spin on it -- it's more about the simple things... the feelings, sounds, colors, sights, tastes -- basically catering to our senses. I can definitely get on board with that. I want to be a creative mom for Jaden & always encourage him to explore his world. I love the essence of "discovering." That's what life is all about... just unwrapping it, day after day. There are so many things to experience and DISCOVER! I want Jaden to truly believe in himself and believe that anything is possible... that the world is his playground, where he can let his imagination run wild.

My sister sent me a different article called "Mom vs. Mom: The War I Didn't See Coming" -- such a good reminder that we can't do/be it ALL... and that's okay! It's more about excelling in the areas you shine in, and just doing the best you can do. I like to try having the mindset of not comparing myself to others, but comparing myself to myself and trying to improve. Some days I'm better at following that than others, but y'know.. I'm human.

On another note, it's crazy to think that my little newborn is already a year and a couple months old! Sometimes those newborn days & months seem like a lifetime ago. I've realized that I'm a happier mom now than I was a year ago -- something about getting SLEEP... and enjoying that interaction & communication & independence & playfulness that wasn't really there back then... I just like where things are going :) I love that he can sign now and say words. He understands so much - I love it. I love playing with him! I also love that he can play by himself ;) I think some people are totally great at the baby thing... I think I'm just more of the toddler/kid+ style. ;) But those calm baby snuggles are definitely something I adore.

Being a mom is such a crazy, rewarding, exhausting, tender, frustrating, endearing, beautiful job. And sometimes all of those feelings happen in the same 5 minutes. :) As hard as it can be sometimes, I wouldn't want to be or do anything else with my days. I love being buds with Jaden & taking care of & observing all his little "isms." He's such a smart, fun[ny], playful, happy boy. I'm so grateful to be his mama!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Gatsby Eyes

Lately, I've been feeling this new-found energy and determination to do ART! I just feel SO HAPPY any time I make time to do it. I llllove to draw - with pencil and/or pastels [chalk]. I believe that we're all given gifts/talents and I want to use & improve mine before it's too late and I regret it. I'm so grateful I was born into such an artistic/music-loving/creative home that 100% encouraged us developing those right-brained interests & hobbies! 

My friend threw a "Great Gatsby" party the other night [sooo fun! I'll post about it on my NicKel blog :)], and was sweet to ask if I'd draw the Gatsby eyes. Um, YES! I was so flattered she trusted me to do it! Annnnd voila! My soul was filled with happiness.


I love it so much! I get a high off of any time I do something I'm passionate about [drawing! writing! making a movie! playing/singing along to music! exercising!]. I told Nick that if I ever seem down or in a slump, he just needs to tell me to go draw for an hour. He smiled and chimed in, "Or I'll say, 'Let's pull out the video camera and make a movie.'" -- he's the best! No explanation necessary, he just understood what I meant. He's my perfect match.

Anyway. I just need my life to be filled with creativity! Annnd on that note, I'm going to go draw now! 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That '90s Show

So, remember the classic '90s TV show intros? How super cheesy - yet awesome! - they were? Nick and I heard the song "All I Need is a Miracle" a few years ago as we were enjoying our tasty dish at Zupas, and it sparked a thought... RECREATE ONE! So, when we were visiting in UT this past month, we finally saw that dream through. We collected a few of our favorite people & got to it. Without further ado, I give you the  beginning of the '90s show that NBC missed out on, "All I Need is You."

Monday, August 26, 2013

3 things

We got back from UT late at night last week, and I spotted a dead cockroach, multiple [DISGUSTING] millipedes, and a bunch of ants in different corners & crevices. My eyes caught a glimpse of a blue spray can that had the word "insect" on there, so I grabbed it and started spraying the heck out of our place. A day or two later, I looked at that can and saw that it said, "Family Insect Repellent." .........soooo, that's awkward.

Nick and I were driving around talking about cookies one day, like we do, and started to wonder just HOW many cookies we've eaten throughout our lives...? Girl Scout Cookies, after-school-snack cookies, cookies at gatherings & get-togethers with friends... cookies on a Sunday.... cookies at a fast-food place or restaurant... cookies at meetings... SO. MANY. COOKIES. !!! We agreed that we probably don't want to know the answer to that question. But it's probably about 100,000. At least.

I think God knows I need old people in my life, so he blesses me with at least one or two that I get to see on a regular basis throughout the different stages in my life. The ones I have around right now are Georgina & Armando. Georgina is THE CUTEST lady, who sits in her chair with a headset on, watching Opera & such - doesn't speak a lick of English... but she always waves at us & blows kisses when we go on our mail walk & pass her cute little place. Armando is a retired Engineer, who speaks broken English and has the biggest smile. He also throws both of his hands in the air in a giant wave as we stroll past their place. Georgina has spunky red hair and gets a huge kick out of pretty much anything Jaden does by giving a lovingly loud cackle, while throwing her head back. Armando is sweet to point to Jaden and say, "He's going to be somebody great one day." :) He also makes funny jokes, like, "Salt Lake City -- or SUGAR Lake City?" HA! I LOVE MY ELDERLY FRIENDS!!!!
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