Thursday, June 20, 2013


It's weird how you are with yourself 24/7, yet you somehow forget about so much of your life. 

Did we really RUN to lunch in 7th grade? [...and why?...] 
What are the inside jokes I developed with people throughout my childhood, or all the different laughed-until-I-cried moments I've had? 
What field trips did I go on in Elementary School, and what did we talk about on the bus?
What was said in the many deep, motivational conversations I've had with family members & friends? 
How many times have I felt like I'm on cloud-9? And why?
What was my daily life like as a 7-year old? 
What was the big thing on my mind in the fall of 9th grade? 
What make-believe stories did we come up with at recess in 2nd grade?
When was the last time I played "house" or barbies... and how did that all go down?  

Sometimes I wish I could tap into my memory and remember every little thing I've experienced/said/thought. How have the different things I've experienced influenced the different parts of who I am now? And what are those specific experiences? What makes some memories stick out more than others?

It'll be so cool in the next life when our minds are clear and we actually DO remember everything [right?]. Yeah. These are things I think about at 1am when I can't fall asleep. :) 

1 comment:

kelli said...

ah! i wish i could remember everything sometimes too!! glad i'm not the only one...

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