Monday, August 26, 2013

3 things

We got back from UT late at night last week, and I spotted a dead cockroach, multiple [DISGUSTING] millipedes, and a bunch of ants in different corners & crevices. My eyes caught a glimpse of a blue spray can that had the word "insect" on there, so I grabbed it and started spraying the heck out of our place. A day or two later, I looked at that can and saw that it said, "Family Insect Repellent." .........soooo, that's awkward.

Nick and I were driving around talking about cookies one day, like we do, and started to wonder just HOW many cookies we've eaten throughout our lives...? Girl Scout Cookies, after-school-snack cookies, cookies at gatherings & get-togethers with friends... cookies on a Sunday.... cookies at a fast-food place or restaurant... cookies at meetings... SO. MANY. COOKIES. !!! We agreed that we probably don't want to know the answer to that question. But it's probably about 100,000. At least.

I think God knows I need old people in my life, so he blesses me with at least one or two that I get to see on a regular basis throughout the different stages in my life. The ones I have around right now are Georgina & Armando. Georgina is THE CUTEST lady, who sits in her chair with a headset on, watching Opera & such - doesn't speak a lick of English... but she always waves at us & blows kisses when we go on our mail walk & pass her cute little place. Armando is a retired Engineer, who speaks broken English and has the biggest smile. He also throws both of his hands in the air in a giant wave as we stroll past their place. Georgina has spunky red hair and gets a huge kick out of pretty much anything Jaden does by giving a lovingly loud cackle, while throwing her head back. Armando is sweet to point to Jaden and say, "He's going to be somebody great one day." :) He also makes funny jokes, like, "Salt Lake City -- or SUGAR Lake City?" HA! I LOVE MY ELDERLY FRIENDS!!!!

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Courtney said...

So I was totally eating a cookie while reading this post... haha! :)

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