Wednesday, September 18, 2013

being a mom.

Just read an article on being a new mama. It was a good one. This stuck out to me:

measure your day not as tasks, 

but as feelings, as sounds, as colors.

Right?! It's so easy to think you just haven't done anything with your day when you literally haven't DONE anything. But I just love this spin on it -- it's more about the simple things... the feelings, sounds, colors, sights, tastes -- basically catering to our senses. I can definitely get on board with that. I want to be a creative mom for Jaden & always encourage him to explore his world. I love the essence of "discovering." That's what life is all about... just unwrapping it, day after day. There are so many things to experience and DISCOVER! I want Jaden to truly believe in himself and believe that anything is possible... that the world is his playground, where he can let his imagination run wild.

My sister sent me a different article called "Mom vs. Mom: The War I Didn't See Coming" -- such a good reminder that we can't do/be it ALL... and that's okay! It's more about excelling in the areas you shine in, and just doing the best you can do. I like to try having the mindset of not comparing myself to others, but comparing myself to myself and trying to improve. Some days I'm better at following that than others, but y'know.. I'm human.

On another note, it's crazy to think that my little newborn is already a year and a couple months old! Sometimes those newborn days & months seem like a lifetime ago. I've realized that I'm a happier mom now than I was a year ago -- something about getting SLEEP... and enjoying that interaction & communication & independence & playfulness that wasn't really there back then... I just like where things are going :) I love that he can sign now and say words. He understands so much - I love it. I love playing with him! I also love that he can play by himself ;) I think some people are totally great at the baby thing... I think I'm just more of the toddler/kid+ style. ;) But those calm baby snuggles are definitely something I adore.

Being a mom is such a crazy, rewarding, exhausting, tender, frustrating, endearing, beautiful job. And sometimes all of those feelings happen in the same 5 minutes. :) As hard as it can be sometimes, I wouldn't want to be or do anything else with my days. I love being buds with Jaden & taking care of & observing all his little "isms." He's such a smart, fun[ny], playful, happy boy. I'm so grateful to be his mama!


tyler + annie said...

loved that last paragraph! so true about all those emotions sometimes happening within five minutes! haha. Loved all of it though. Great post =)

Michelle Montgomery said...

I read that as's good to know I'm not the only one getting nothing done in my day :) Great advice.

Kelly said...

I know you already are experiencing the shock of how fast time goes, and as they get older it is almost shocking how time evaporates. Raising my kids was stressful and yet the absolute best time in my life. I miss those days like crazy because my oldest moved out, and my son is off at college. In the beginning, I thought I'd go crazy. It's just me and the hubby now and I am slowly adjusting. Since we are still fairly young (mid 40's) we are finding a new and fun normal! And although I now have all the time in the world to get all those things that used to nag me done, I still have that feeling that I am not getting it all done. But the difference now is that I can look at my kids and it comforts me to know that they are responsible, loving adults and I realized even though I THOUGHT I was never getting it all done...I was wrong...I was getting all that really mattered done. Sometimes we can't see how wonderful of a job we are doing until the job is over, but having been through it, I can tell, you are doing an incredible job!!
- KJ

Karissa said...

I love this! So sweet. I love the line, "That's what life is all about... just unwrapping it, day after day.". It paints such a lovely picture!

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