Monday, September 30, 2013

Some things.

 Some things about Nick 

-Nick is so funny!!! He makes me laugh everyday. I just love how he thinks & acts... I'm pretty sure he'll just say/do things sometimes because he KNOWS I'll get a kick out of it. And I do! Sheesh. True love. ;) 

-Even though he basically has a Full-Time job [school] + a Part-Time job [work], he still makes time to clean, help make dinner, go grocery shopping with me, run other errands, go on walks or outings with us... and he still gets As in his classes & on his tests! I don't know how he manages it all.  He's a smarty, that one.

-Let's talk about patience for a sec. Not only is Nick [way more] patient with Jaden than I am, but he's patient with me. He lets me shove my cold feet in his knees to warm them up. He will take Jaden-duty in the early mornings [when I'm too grumpy..], even though he doesn't have the luxury of napping later on in the day. He doesn't get easily ruffled -- I've never even heard him raise his voice. He's such a good soul!

-He's creative and open-minded. He isn't afraid to try new things and is constantly thinking of new games or party ideas or different ways to do/make things. I love his clever brain.

 Some things about Jaden 

-He is so smart!! He signs, says so many words [his clearest words are "nana" for banana and APPLE :) the kid loves his fruit, I guess ;)], and he understands even more words! He loves reading books and looking at pictures & flashcards. I'm constantly impressed with him -- pretty sure he's teaching himself a lot of these things!

-He likes to take his dirty diapers to the trash can and throw them away. Can't complain about that - saves me a step ;)

-Jaden seriously gets SO excited whenever he has a blanket on his head. He'll just start walking around all will-nill. That boy tickles my funny bone.

-He gets SO EXCITED about things -- especially little kids/babies. He'll get right up in their face and start squealing. I think it's safe to say he's pretty social ;)

-We have these flashcards [ABCs, Numbers, Animals, etc] that we look through & match with things... he LOVES the "M" one, because it has a picture of a moon. One night, we went out with the flashcard to try and find the moon, and now he wants to do that every night. His memory, I tell ya! Doesn't just let things slide. 

-He's so happy! He's ticklish & playful, smiling and laughing all the time. And boy, do I love hearing that laugh and seeing his big toothy smile. Enough to make my mama-heart melt right outta me. 

 Some things about me 
I did my best myspace face, 'cause, y'know... THOSE were the glory days. ;)
-I don't know what it is about gift baskets... but I LOVE THEM! They just seem like the cutest, classiest, most charming gift. 

-I guess I just BARELY realized that Pinterest is actually more than just "pinning" pretty pictures... like, it's USEFUL. OH, you mean I could actually try MAKING that?! Or hey - here are a million clever ideas of things to do with your toddler! All nicely pocketed away in a place that I can get to whenever I want. Cha-ching. I've always loved the creative aspect of it... and now that I've connected the dots, I love it even more! [...maybe too much.]

-I've always been able to play on my own. When I was a kid, if I reeeeally wanted to play a game & nobody else could [or wanted to], I was totally fine to just play it on my own. [At least that way I won no matter what ;)] I'm a big believer in being able to entertain yourself, since you're with yourself 24/7! 

-I think I have the worst knee reflexes ever. Nick gets to practice different things on me that he learns in school, and finding/nabbing my reflexes is one of 'em. When they finally kicked into gear & reacted, it was THE FUNNIEST THING. I couldn't stop laughing. And then it just got funnier with each whack. Oh man. 


tyler + annie said...

love your myspace face haha. This is a cute idea. I need to blog again! I've fallen out of the groove and things to talk about. You are so creative!

Courtney said...

You three are all just so awesome. :)

Kelli Brough said...

^ I second Courtney's motion. All in favor say "Aye".

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