Monday, October 14, 2013

never done vs. done


-been stuck on an elevator before. In NYC. With about 23 other people. I just remember looking up into the mirror-like ceiling & trying to make people smile or laugh... it was one of those awesome "movie moments."
-gone skinny dipping! WOO! At Girl's Camp... with Leaders.. hahaha. I loved my YW experience growing up. :)
-moved to VEGAS... for a week. Haha! Cracks me up every time I think about it.
-snuck onto a lot of roofs... in Salt Lake, New York, San Francisco... I LOVE DOING THAT! Harmless fun ;)
-played the drums with a Jamaican... in the middle of a huge crowd in NYC. CLOUD NINE. 
-gone spelunking..! Crazy experience.
-tasted snail, alligator, frog legs. Verdict: NASTY, chicken-like, Gross.
-given birth. Fear = Faced. Check!


-had deja vu. I know, right!? Lameness to the max.
-been out of the USA! I have a passport, though, so I am READY.
-gone snorkeling or scuba diving. I wouldn't mind trying snorkeling, but that scuba stuff is a big NO THANKS for me ;)
-been on a CRUISE! Now that I live in Miami [aka, cruise-central], it's officially on the MUST-DO list.
-seen Snow White. Is that the one with 7 dwarfs? ;)
-ridden a bicycle built for two. ONE DAY!!!


Kelli Brough said...

whaaat! i can't believe you've never done some of those things!! deja vu!? snow white!?

hahaha. love this. so fun to learn more about you. love you!

Trish the Dish said...

I was stuck on that elevator too!!! Haha. Fun stuff :). Love how you record your thoughts! They're addicting to read :)

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