Sunday, November 3, 2013

The evolution of Steve.

I feel like I've finally discovered the thing I love doing most in the world [besides spending time with the people I love, of course ;)].. DRAWING. 

It's funny, cause I've ALWAYS loved to draw -- I've probably doodled on gajillions of assignments and papers I'm taking notes on, etc... I just love it! I've only taken 2 or 3 art classes in my life, but my mama is an Artist & so is everyone else in my fam [in different ways - Mom's a sculptor, one sister watercolors & does photography, another sister paints, one brother does photography and computer animation... ETC]. I just love that I was raised in such an artistic home.

I totally believe that the more you do something, the better you can become at it. That's why I want to keep drawing -- I want to get better at it! My favorite thing to draw is definitely people [specifically: faces].. ahh! IT TOTALLY GIVES ME A HIGH. I love spending any extra time I have drawing -- it empowers me & is like an addictive drink I just can't get enough of. :) 

Anyway. This is my last drawing.. Steve Jobs! Took me about 3 nights to do [an hour or so each night :)]. 

had such a great time working on this.. ah! I can't wait to do more art!


Courtney said...

That is amazing Kelly! Your whole family is so artistic! I love it!

Lace said...

to say it's amazing is an understatement, seriously, it's soooo good!

Candice said...


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