Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Speaking of.

One of the best smells in the world = banana bread baking in the oven. I mean, right?! I would buzz my hair off to have that smell permanently in our place - at least in the mornings. And I'd probably only buzz it once.

Speaking of "the best" -- have you ever had a Tastykake Glazed Apple Pie? 
OH MY GOODNESS. Literally. Especially that outer part... mmm. I hope I can sneak a few to heaven when I die. Or hell... wherever I end up, haha ;)

Speaking of hell - maybe I shouldn't admit this, but whatever. Every time I happen to cross paths with free-coffee-sample giveaways, I go right ahead & happily help myself to one [or two ;)]. Because MMM, it tastes so. dang. good. Guilty pleasure ;) ...although, I don't feel that guilty about it... 

Speaking of not admitting things.. is it bad that we made FIVE different batches of Rice Krispie Treats last month?! Maybe we wouldn't have if it weren't the EASIEST RECIPE IN THE WORLD TO MAKE.

Speaking of FIVE... we've had a gecko that has seriously just been sitting above our front door [on the outside] for at LEAST five weeks. 5 WEEKS!! I don't know what his motive is, but my attitude went from "OHMYGOSH, hurry & close the door!" to "Ahhh, hey Gary!!!" Welcome to the fam, man. Easiest pet ever.

Speaking of geckos... we had our first gecko-in-the-house scare... bahhh!! Fuh-reaky!! Thank goodness Nick was home & that the tiny, fast little thing just happened to make its way into the box of boxes we were going to take out to the recycling bin anyway. Yikes!

Speaking of in-the-house... one of my favorite parts of the day is exercising in the mornings in our living room, and having my biggest little cheerer get SO excited when it's time for that -- he'll throw his chubby little arms up in the air and excitedly exclaim, "EH-KUH-KIIIII!" ...and lately he's getting a kick out of the name "Bob" [my "trainer" some days, Bob Harper... his workouts are insanely good!]

Speaking of Jaden... he had to get his finger pricked the other day -- after seeing the kid before him scream his lungs out, Nick and I were bracing ourselves for a meltdown... *PRICK* ..........nothin. "Suh-weet!" we're thinking.. "Totally dodged it!" Then the nurse put a bandaid on his finger, and he got this concerned look on his face and bam.. there were the tears. Haha. Funny kid! 

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collette charles said...

hahaha! i'm dying over the coffee thing. you are definitely not going to hell, too kind of a human being. cute jaden and the band aid. oh and geckos! when i lived in hawaii that took some getting used to. brushing your teeth and bam! gecko running across the mirror.

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