Thursday, May 22, 2014


Life as a stay at home mom of a toddler can sometimes seem like I'm not really doing anything. Not to say that's what I truly believe, cause it can be really busy. But WHAT we're doing can seem almost too simple sometimes -- just let him play with toys? Run around the table with him until I'm too dizzy [4 or 5 times usually does the trick ;)]? Get a bucket of water and draw on the cement? Color? Blow bubbles? Read "Go, Dog. Go!" with him... again? Go for a walk outside? Shouldn't we be doing something more? Then he says things like, "Thank you, mama!" all on his own. Or he'll put something away. Or he'll go to his room and whine when he's upset, cause that's what I've told him to do... and I realize that I am doing something, amidst all the playing. He is listening to my instructions [eventually ;)] and observing my mannerisms/behavior/language/example... and - in his own time - he's responding.

He doesn't need to know all the complicated things in the world yet -- he's not even 2. But he IS learning and growing and understanding things more & more. And there is beauty in keeping things simple & light & fun. I read something somewhere about how "Most things can wait." -- that pops into my head from time to time, especially when Jaden's nagging on my arm to play with him while I'm finishing up this or that. Those things can wait; he is more important. And whether it's playing on the carpet in the living room with all of his toys, or laughing & hiding in all the blankets on my bed, or counting all the parked bikes lining the sidewalk, or going out and exploring different places... these are good days. These days are HIS childhood. I want to make that mean something... and I want to follow his lead & let his creative mind run free.

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collette charles said...

yes. love it. you are a great mom. :)

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