Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the mail.

Our mailbox outing is pretty consistent: 

Usually around 6:30 or 7pm, we bring up the idea to go to the mailbox. We all get our shoes on, then Jaden says, "Kehh-eee you?" [Carry you?] and we hold him on the way down the stairs [even though he knows how to walk down them ;)]... we stop at the crosswalk & look both ways -- no cars? Run run run! Then Jaden says, "Walk?" ...we let him down, and he takes off toddling down the sidewalk. Stops to pick up a stick for each of us, then starts running again. [Variations include him walking on the grass, stopping to say hi to a kitty, or saying, "Ew! Yucky bug!" here & there.].. we wave as we pass Georgina & Armando's place - whether or not their blinds are open. Then we walk through the gate & Jaden runs all the way down the line of mailboxes to ours. We check it, then give him the keys, and he grabs the mail key and starts "locking/unlocking" lots of mailboxes. There's one cubby that's always open... he looks in it and chuckles a, "Whoaaa!" then is done peeking in on everyone's mail. Sometimes we go to the clubhouse and have a tea party. Most times, we convince him to come back through the gate to wave at Armando again. 

Sometimes we walk by the bikes or around the pool... we collect rocks - one for each of us - in the lush rock garden in the courtyard, and go to the grassy area and set our rocks on the bench-table. He sits with us for 2 or 3 seconds, then decides we need more rocks & sprints back to the rock garden, then happily comes running back to us waving the new rock around. 

We kick around the chewed-up soccer ball that's taken residence in this grassy patch, then take our rocks back to their home & say "Bye, rocks!" ...we somehow get Jaden to make his way upstairs - whether it's a successful bribe or carrying him. Annnnd we breathe a sigh of relief or wear a smile of satisfaction [depending on J's mood] once we get inside and close the front door behind us.  


Steph H said...

This is perfect. Every word.

annie andersen said...

So cute! Getting Halli to come inside is a daily struggle for us too haha.

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