Monday, June 16, 2014


I wanted to draw something for both of my parents for Mothers/Fathers Day, since they've always encouraged my interests and talents... whether or not it was ACTUALLY good or praiseworthy, they've always cheered me on and been my biggest fans. I couldn't ask for better parents! You can see my Mother's Day gift here :) And  for my dad -- well, if you know him, he's THE BIGGEST BEATLES // PAUL MCCARTNEY FAN EVER!!!! I LOVE that about him!! He's read countless books & articles about them, visited their homes in Liverpool, gone to several Paul McCartney concerts [one IN London - wouldn't that be AMAZING!?], owns & knows every Beatles song PLUS all the Paul songs after they split up.. yeah. Needless to say, he's instilled a great love for the Beatles in me. :) Anyway - can you guess who I decided to draw for him? I give you, young Sir Paul!

I had a blast doing this. Drawing faces is my passion!! I love love loooove it & hope to get better and better with each piece :)



Courtney said...

I don't really see how you're going to get better when all of your drawings I've seen have been PERFECT!!! Haha! These are so cool! :) What a great gift!

Kelly Jean said...

Oh my gosh, Courtney, you are the sweetest! Such a nice compliment - thank you so much!!!

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